Data-driven decision making is possible with Dataraft.

Dataraft data analysis and analytics

Dataraft will put you on the path to achieving long- and short-term business goals in the most direct, informed, and cost-effective way. No more ‘gut feel’ business decisions.

You have your customer and business data – but what can you do with it? How can you use data to unlock potential, grow your business, and improve efficiencies?

The key is overlaying your existing data with unique data sets from a variety of external sources.

  • Unlock your business potential

Imagine the difference it would make to your business if you could:

  • Increase customer conversion by 40-50%
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 20-30%
  • Locate your most profitable opportunities
  • Maximise your asset efficiency

Maximise business efficiency and reduce your asset downtime

  • Process automation to reduce costs
  • Asset health and optimisation to prevent costly shutdowns and accidents
  • Asset planning and management through geolytics platform
  • Energy

We push the boundaries to make all things possible using the power of data. Overlaying internal and external data, supported through the Datarapids platform, ensures we help your business to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and growth.

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  • Telecommunications

Identify the best opportunities to grow by finding your best existing customers, discovering new customers who look like your best, and forecasting potential locations to target in both the short- and long-term.

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  • Sales and Marketing

We work with Sales and Marketing leaders to boost acquisition, reduce churn and improve advocacy. We help our clients make accurate decisions by providing strategic insights across client data, external commercial data and decision-making algorithms.

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  • Solve real business challenges

Evidence-based decision making apps that solve real business challenges

  • Effectively grow your business
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Achieve strategic goals efficiently

What we do for you

We convert your data into actionable insights that uncover optimal revenue opportunities.

How do we do this?

We take your existing customer, asset, and corporate data, and overlay it with various other data sets from a variety of public, private, and commercial sources.

This powerful layering reveals data that we turn into action. We help your business make more informed decisions or target new, profitable customers – based on facts; not guesswork.


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