• Data integrity & policy alignment is in our DNA

Dataraft believes in building real partnerships with our valued clients. We focus we delivering value to our clients in the way they need it.

We are unique in our ability to analyse data within your organisation’s IT environment. We can augment this with analysis in our secure cloud environment.

  • Dataraft curates, data-driven and actionable strategies

We bring together customer, public, and commercial data, then overlay your business objectives to create actionable strategies, ready to be implemented.

With Dataraft’s Datarapids solution, you and your business will unlock daily updates, benefit from constant data cleansing, and discover tangible solutions.

These discoveries will help optimise your business objectives and allow you to execute your business strategy and goals in the fastest, most efficient, and least costly way.

Consistent data ingestion ensures our tools get smarter over time, and are continuously improving.

Our unique algorithms uncover Deeper Insights that help you make decisions that grow your business, improve efficiencies, and optimise processes.

  • We blend business strategy & technology

We use the latest data analytics techniques to sharpen your business strategy.

We begin by first getting to know your business and identifying your pain points; we start with a blank sheet of paper.

We build it up and create a custom solution – we’re not bound by rigid rules about what you can and cannot do.

We then leverage our analytics capability to execute and achieve your strategic objectives.

… applying marketing data and analytics to differentiate how customers are engaged across channels is a vital challenge that today’s marketing leaders must overcome


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