With Dataraft, you can revolutionise your research through data science that creates real, actionable, and tangible insights.

Our goal is to consistently create game-changing insights that empower
businesses to act smarter and get results faster.

We answer the questions that help solve your business problems,
and supercharge your business strategy!

Why can’t I do it myself?

You have your own internal data, and can access external data.

But having access to the data is just one piece of the puzzle, and results in shallow outcomes with no real actionable insights.

You need to make sense of the data.

You need to uncover actionable insight using the data. Essentially, you need to go deeper into the data.

You need Deeper Insights.

At Dataraft, we’re all about enabling evidence-based decision making. We leverage the deepest and most comprehensive data sets to get unprecedented understanding of the drivers for true business growth.

  • Do you want to grow customers?

You need to know:

  • Who are your best customers?
  • How can you find new customers just like your best customers?
  • How to improve customer acquisition and conversion rates?
  • Do you want to improve efficiencies?

You need strategies that help you discover how to:

  • Automate processes to effectively scale and reduce costs
  • Reduce downtime and risk of failure
  • Gain visibility of your asset availability and enable capacity planning


Looking for a data-driven
customer growth program?

Dataflow Consulting

Dataflow Consulting is a strategic insight and consultation program that enables fluid decision making and faster growth.

We’ll help you define and execute your business strategy with dynamic insights that help you make the right decisions – fast – and avoid costly mistakes.

Datarapids Platform

The Datarapids platform creates decision-making algorithms for businesses wanting to deliver leading edge seller experiences customer experiences and businesses wanting to efficiently manage complex assets.

Link your data to the best and most extensive data sets available, through a platform that is constantly improving, growing, and learning.

Go deeper:

Let us help you gain a deep understanding of data for
more insightful decision making and strategy execution.