The Datarapids platform can assess new business opportunities and solve business problems

Deploy the Datarapids platform with Dataflow Consulting services to:

  • Create actionable insights that are unique and specific to customers through multi-layered visualisations and analytical models
  • Optimise the value and profitability of geographically distributed customers, field operatives, infrastructure assets and suppliers
  • Use powerful data visuals to improve business communication with the integration and visualization of private and public datasets
  • Take advantage of the security and performance characteristics of the Microsoft Azure cloud

Datarapids is a platform that can impact your business decisions through the geographic visualisation of key business and public datasets.

It enables businesses to optimise the value and profitability of geographically distributed customers, field operatives, infrastructure assets and suppliers.
The platform is built on open source components with the security and scalable characteristics of the AZURE platform.

Our customer solutions provide great value:

  • Link and integrate customer datasets with public and commercial datasets
  • Visualise information through multi-layered maps and analytical models
  • Create unique and customer relevant actionable insights

Our technology principles

The key principles guiding customer solutions delivered via the Datarapids Platform are:

  • Utilise open source technologies whenever possible
  • Bring data and location based insights to the customer rather than forcing customers to push customer data into the cloud
  • Share infrastructure but ensure customer data and model separation
  • Retain openness – design to import/export anything and everything
  • Maintain security at all stages of data management pipeline
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VP, Automotive

  • Telecommunications / Customer Analytics

Beyond Maps – A geolytics decision-making tool for strategic sales and marketing at a major Australian telecommunication company

Telecom business had a low market share in the valuable data network market. Sales and Marketing had little visibility of where the most profitable opportunities existed and how to best target its Go-To-Market growth program.


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