Apply a data-driven approach to telecommunications data mining and solve business challenges using the power of evidence-based data

Data unlocks a deep understanding for more insightful decision making. Hinged in customer relationships (including acquisition, lifecycle, and lifetime value), Dataraft works with telcos of all sizes to make use of their big data. Analysing big data down to a smaller more meaningful data narrative is immensely critical.

Importantly, telcos need to see the value in learning from good quality – not just enabling access to it.

Challenges for Telecommunications companies

“After writing their FY17 Sales strategy for inside sales, direct & indirect channels one of Australias leading messaging providers enajoyed a stella year”
“The new hyper targeted strategy drove an uplift in revenue of over $20 million dollars & a 50% increase in the customer base over a 2 year period”
  • Reduce cost of acquisition

Telcos not only want to find new customers, but they want to find the best types of customers, too!

  • Grow profitability in disrupted markets

With the constant disruption from over-the-top players and changes in market forces, telcos need to find new sources of value and profitability from existing and new customers.

  • Gain insights across complex systems and organisational structures

Your team is wasting time manually analysing data across complex data silos, and despite the effort, they struggle to generate meaningful insights.

How data analytics helps
Telecommunications companies

There are dozens of ways that strategic insights and data analytics can help telcos.
Sourcing the data is one thing, but analysing it, and knowing how to use it to create meaningful insights and real actions is another.
Some of the most popular ways in which data analysis for telcos can be used include:

Target customers based on location

Accurately target customers within our powerful Datarapids Platform for rich visualisations and insights of multiple data overlays.

Customer segmentation

Identify segments of your market who are the most receptive to different types of offers or marketing techniques.

Customer engagement

Get deeper insights into your customers behaviour create and define an effective customer engagement plan.

Acquisition improvement

Dataraft can uncover potential customers most likely to buy your product /services and the most effective platforms through which to reach them.

Lifetime value

Our data insights help you understand past value and predict future spend. Maximise the value of your customers with insightful data.

Asset capacity planning

Gain asset usage insights to make informed decisions about asset capacity planning, including where to invest in or curtail infrastructure.

Real-time analytics

Keep up with active clients and their ever-growing demands with fluid analytics that is constantly improving.

Predictive analytics

Use predictive analytics to uncover your customers’ habits and needs to succeed in a market that is becoming more saturated.

  • Telecommunications / Customer Analytics

Beyond Maps – A geolytics decision-making tool for strategic sales and marketing at a major Australian telecommunication company

Telecom business had a low market share in the valuable data network market. Sales and Marketing had little visibility of where the most profitable opportunities existed and how to best target its Go-To-Market growth program.

“We should have had this data insights
capability years ago”

CEO at Dataraft Client