• Realise the untapped potential of data

Improve and refine your sales techniques and marketing tactics!

With Dataraft, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of customer data for more insightful decision making and strategy execution.

Successful sales strategies are made up of many key components. One such component that is often overlooked? Data.

Our insightful data analytics helps our clients grow through more effective, refined, and targeted sales and marketing techniques.

  • Challenges for marketing

Rapid shift to data-driven marketing

How marketers realise this has evolved dramatically. Modern marketers need to move beyond conventional methods.

Successful marketers must now be customer-centric, data-driven, and equipped with the right tools and technology to connect the dots between different channels and disparate systems.

  • Challenges for sales

Too much data and not enough insights

Sales professionals often find themselves in a situation where they are swimming in data but they are unable to find the insights they need.

Critical information is likely already inside your business. You already know:

  • How much your customers are spending, and their buying trends
  • Financial information to understand your most profitable solutions and valuable clients
  • Customer service data to understand which customers are having issues
  • Website and social data to understand lead behaviour and flow
  • Market information to know which markets are expanding or in decline

How Dataraft helps sales and marketing leaders achieve their best outcomes

A foundation for successful selling is to properly understand the potential that lies within existing customers.

This begins by evaluating the business’ customer base to determine which existing gold mines have the most future potential.

We help you make a business case to prove the value of integrated data and analytics to modern sales and marketing teams.

Our professional services team can deliver the solutions to make this a reality – fast.

No longer are business decisions made on gut-feel or opinion!

At Dataraft, we partner with leading sales and marketing professionals to engage with their executive teams and IT colleagues.

  • Helping sales and marketing

Move from gut feel to evidenced based decision making

We help you understand your customers

Your customer data is one of your key assets. We break down data silos and address poor data issues to understand your customers.

Identify and target customer locations

Employing a unique blend of capabilities to overlay multiple location data sets we can identify where customers are located through Geolytics application solution.

Explore algorithmic selling

We work with high performance sales teams to take the guesswork out of generating high quality sales. You can move from selling a broad catalogue to selling exactly what your customer wants!

Improve customer acquisition

Predict which customers are more likely to buy your products and services, what channels are most likely to reach, engage, and resonate with those customers.

Smart, accurate customer segmentation

Identify the segments of those markets that are most receptive to what your company offers.

Reduce churn

Identify signs of dissatisfaction and identify those customers at the most risk for leaving.

Increase customer lifetime value

Identify those customers that are going to spend the most money, in the most consistent way, and over the longest period of time.

Customer sentiment

Analytics can give you a picture of your organisation’s reputation within your key customers and demographics.



Get insight and uncover the best ways
to connect to and engage with these customers.

  • Marketing / Customer Analytics

Customer data analytics for Sales and marketing

Marketing Solutions business wanted to grow its profitability by providing greater insights to major customers and be more informed in managing insurance costs.

“Marketing analytics proficiency is critical for success… Collecting, tracking, analyzing and applying marketing data and analytics to differentiate how customers are engaged across channels is a vital challenge that today’s marketing leaders must overcome”