With the goal of better understand their customers’ needs and biggest challenges,energy companies are gathering more data and information than ever before

From energy demand forecasts to billing patterns, energy companies understand the need to accurately collate important data from within every facet of their business.

But that’s often where the discovery stops: many companies struggle to analyse their gathered data in the most effective way to uncover innovative business and customer insight that leads to actionable outcomes.

Challenges for Energy companies

The Energy market is changing
  • $626M in small business annual spend switched provider in 2018
  • Businesses satisfaction with existing electricity provider is dropping
  • 36% of small businesses had bill shock & have significantly been impacted by an increase in price
  • Main switching driver for small business is a better price
  • 79% of small businesses were approached by a retailer in 2018 (up from 49% in 2017)

At Dataraft we can help you build the sales and marketing strategy to enable you to drive for profitable growth within a fiercely competitive and dynamic market place!

  • Gain an ‘edge’ in
    competitive selling

Energy retailers operate in some of the most competitive retail markets in the world. For example, Victorian consumers can choose from the state’s 25 electricity retailers and 10 gas retailers!

Energy retailers need to be smart in how they acquire and retain customers.
Customer acquisition and retention analytics helps innovative players gain an edge in this highly competitive market.

  • Improve customer engagement
    and service quality

Rising energy costs and industry uncertainty are causing negative sentiment and confusion across social and traditional media.

Sentiment analytics can help energy providers understand customer engagement and the actions that can and should be taken to achieve their business objectives.
Deeper insights allow energy companies to devise more personalised, tailored, and flexible services.

  • Energy businesses are getting smarter every day

How energy businesses are getting smarter through data analytics

Thanks to advanced data mining and deeper analytics, we’re able to strategise, uncover actionable insights, and encourage better and faster decision-making.
As the industry moves towards cloud-based technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), organisations are ingesting more data than ever before.

The key lies beyond acquiring the data – it’s all about accurately unpacking it, and using it to gain real insights that help you make decisions that help improve asset management, customer satisfaction, and essentially, your bottom line.

Geolytics to target customers
based on location

Through our geolytics platform we can pinpoint the location of target businesses and consumers.

Targets are developed based on profiles developed of ideal customers. Once developed local area sales and marketing campaigns can run to harvest new customers.

Targets are displayed to decision makers in easy to use visualisation application.

Reduce risk of
asset failure

Discover when your equipment is at risk of failure: preventative care reduces the risk of costly and time-consuming accidents or shutdowns.

Machine data and failure patterns allow us to predict the next point of failure.

Manage and reduce
asset costs

Reduce expenditures by predicting exactly when equipment or infrastructure needs to be repaired or upgraded, allowing you to better manage and plan your short- and long-term budgeting.

  • Energy

United Energy: A smart approach to managing electricity consumption

Australia’s rapidly growing use of appliances and air conditioners in the home means that on hot summer days there is a dramatic increase in demand for electricity.

“Shell saved millions in non-essential inventory by applying predictive models to $1billion in spar part inventory ”