Case Study: The art of creating value from data


Marketing Solutions business wanted to grow its profitability by providing greater insights to major customers and be more informed in managing insurance costs.

Over 50 million campaign data points actively collected over 15 years of operation, with multiple changes in data structure over time and limitations in internal data analytics personnel.

Business wanted to understand the insights and predictive value of its existing data and its options to develop scenario models in a new Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


Interviewed staff and assessed data to form hypothesis on drivers for success in major marketing campaigns.

Assessed quality and completeness of data to perform predictive models
Ran descriptive analysis of campaign attributes including time, location, behaviour and demographics.

Propensity modelling on historical data to test feasibility using Python and open source software.

Integration of propitiatory data and public data to deliver deeper insights for management.


Marketing Solutions business provided with a 3-stage roadmap to develop a predictive model for marketing campaigns of major customers
Data strategy recommended on the data required and processes to implement to achieve their goals.

Business able to progress with Azure cloud platform project knowing it will deliver business case benefits.

Provided key findings on drivers for insurance related promotions
Recommendation on data strategy.

“We should have had this insight
capability years ago”


How can this apply to other businesses?

Businesses should be forward looking when designing their data architecture. Successful businesses understand the links between their data strategy and business strategy.

Successful data models capture data with a consistent structure and process. Failing to do this limits the predictive value in data.

Quality data can create greater value and insights than management anticipates. This is especially true for data-rich businesses such as marketing solutions, energy and telecommunications.


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