Case Study – Beyond Maps


Telecom business had a low market share in the valuable data network market
Sales and Marketing had little visibility of where the most profitable opportunities existed and how to best target its Go-To-Market growth program.

Siloed data and IT restricted access to valuable data needed to support strategic decision making.

Marketing team suffered from manual and time-consuming data analysis that failed to generate meaningful insights.


Dataraft developed an analytics application leveraging its Datarapids platform capabilities.

Innovative market sizing approach helped the marketing team size and prioritise marketing opportunities.

Solution guaranteed client’s data security by data remaining in client’s private data centre environment.

Solution embraced Python and other open source software, generating large savings and opening access from proprietary software tools.


Marketing team able to generate lead lists for a $50M sales campaign managed through analytics application.

Easy user drill-down of data through web interface and data rich dashboard.

Marketing provided with clear view of location hotspots for data network demand together with a view of competition and options to service demand.

“We should have had this insight
capability years ago”


How can this apply to other businesses?

Analytics applications can bridge data across and outside the organisation to deliver deeper insights.

Australia is ready to transition to a data-driven decision-making era.

Data is now richer and easier to obtain than most people think.

Creative and innovative analytics pays off in beating the competition.

Insightful analytics applications can be easily applied to assets intensive industries and businesses with complex or large customer bases e.g. energy, utilities, insurance etc.


Looking for a data-driven
customer growth program?