Our unique value

Our unique value comes from our domain expertise from experience working in senior strategy, sales and marketing roles for ASX 200 organisations.

We care for our clients’ business as our business. We think and act like business partners. We help our clients make their future aspirations a reality around Growth & efficiency.

We are:

  • Trusted advisors to Australian CEOs and executives
  • Executing high growth and efficiency strategies through Deeper Insights
  • Experienced with the latest business analytics and cloud technologies platforms to drive agility & ROI

We can:

  • Increase revenue 25-30%
  • Increase win ratio by 30-40%
  • Shorten sales cycle time by 50-60%

We will:

Operate with absolute integrity, our principles are a part of our DNA



At the heart of everything we do is integrity and security.



We add value to ourselves, our people, and our customers, every day!



We push the boundaries and explore Deeper Insights to make all things possible.



We build authentic, rewarding, and genuine relationships with our employees, clients, and partners.

We categorise our services under:

Dataflow Consulting

Dataflow Consulting is a strategic insight and consultation program that enables fluid decision making and faster growth.

We’ll help you define and execute your business strategy with dynamic insights that help you make the right decisions – fast – and avoid costly mistakes.

Datarapids Platform

The Datarapids platform creates decision-making algorithms for businesses wanting to deliver leading edge seller experiences customer experiences and businesses wanting to efficiently manage complex assets.

Link your data to the best and most extensive data sets available, through a platform that is constantly improving, growing, and learning.

Go deeper:

Let us help you gain a deep understanding of data for
more insightful decision making and strategy execution.

Fergus Dobbins

  • Director

Fergus Dobbins is a respected business strategist and a proven leader.

Over the last 20 years he has held a number of senior strategic roles in ASX Top 100 and fast growth private firms, leading business strategy and customer growth programs.

He is highly experienced in telecommunications and data services.

Fergus operates comfortably at all organisational levels from detailed data analytics through to workshops and presentations with C-suites and Boards.

In 2017 he established DataRaft, a customer strategy and data analytics consultancy.

Robin Du

  • Lead Data Scientist

Robin Du is our data science expert with extensive experience in leading global consulting forms across Australia and China.

He is highly experienced in establishing and executing business strategy and data analytics programs to realise true value from data.

Robin has a unique capability in applying the latest analytics technology to solve business problems. Prior to consulting, Robin held marketing and corporate roles in high growth China based businesses.

“Gartner estimates 85% of Fortune 500 companies do not reap the full benefit of their big data analytics because of lack of accessibility to data, causing them to miss potential opportunities to better connect with and meet clients’ needs.”